What you think is energizing you may actually be depleting your energy!

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Caffeine, energy or anxiety?

I get it, you’re up at the dawn of day, trying to muster enough just to get yourself out of bed and through the morning hustle and bustle. You turn the pot on and pray this will boost your zombie like mentality. Sure enough a half hour goes by and not only are you left with zero energy, but you actually feel very anxious. Perhaps it isn’t the coffee creating anxiety, maybe it is just your thoughts of deadlines and long work days. WRONG! Caffeine can without a doubt create anxiety or worsen any existing anxiety. It affects the Central Nervous System as well as the Adrenal glands. Located at the top of each kidney, your Adrenal glands¬†produce hormones that help your body control blood sugar, burn protein and fat, react to stressors like a major illness or injury, and regulate blood pressure. The effects of caffeine can actually diminish the adrenal glands ability to function properly creating weight gain, blood sugar imbalance and anxiety. If not caffeine then what? Supporting your Adrenal glands is something that can be done using enzymes, adaptogenic herbs and nutritional medicine.¬†BLOG

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