FullSizeRenderMost of us are familiar with going to our Doctor when we don’t feel our best. We call our PCP and book an appointment for an office visit because something hurts. We show up, sign in, see the Doctor for 15 mins and leave with a prescription to pickup at Walgreens. This type of care is considered “Conventional Medicine.” Conventional medicine is a method of treatment where Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists treat symptoms and disease using drugs, radiation or surgery. Synonymous terms include allopathic medicine, mainstream medicine, western medicine and orthodox medicine. This approach can be effective for some people who are looking to stop their symptoms from bothering them. When we “stop” the symptom, we do not stop the disease process from occurring. Cue “Holistic Medicine” now! Holistic means looking at the driving force of the symptom, and treating that driving drive force using enzymes, supplements, herbs, medicinal teas, tincture and nutrition. Holistic medicine thinks of disease as a domino effect. For example, if you hurt your elbow, your Dr. will give you medicine to stop the pain at your elbow; but what about your shoulder and your wrist? Will they have anything to do with your elbow injury? YES! Your elbow “talks” to your shoulder and wrist. It is important to look at a symptom and all the players involved in creating that symptom. The world itself “holistic” sounds like “whole” which is an easy way to remember what and how Doctors is this field may treat the body.

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